Truth is only you…

Happiness is the secret of the real life,
But we’re too blind to discover it,
Because we like to feel so sad inside,
When everybody could have a free spirit.
When signs from God are coming every day,
More beautiful things we see in other way.
And when we can hide the truth behind a lie,
We look like a bird, when is ready to fly.

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beautiful lies…

Life is about love when I’m begging you to lie to me;
Happiness is about having faith in people which are just trying to hunt me;
Freedom is about that moment  when I’m busy to collect a stone;
Peace is when I’m telling you to take my hand, cause I need to be alone…

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       I would like you to say hello                                
      When you’re ready to go in my soul,
      There are decisions that can no longer take,        
      When my heart has other moves to make.
      In all those moments when inside I bleed
      A part of your time is all that I need.

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Privind timpul, vad…

Un batranel si-o banca-n parc,

 Isi ofera o simpla companie.

   Isi spun frumoase amintiri                                                     

     Si leaga o stransa prietenie.

        Noi stam, analizam, fugim,

           Lipsiti de suflet zici c-am fi,

             Uitam sa fim naivi, sa ne zambim.

                Mi-e dor de viata de copii…                

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Mai caut…

… Ieri mi-am plimbat sufletul pe aleea frumoaselor amintiri si am gustat din fructul dulce al placerii de a zambi… M-am catarat din nou in copacul cunoasterii lucrurilor mici, care fac multe clipe sa fie minunate… Acum sunt iar in cautarea echilibrului…

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Hello world!

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